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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


At the end of August I had the same dream 3 nights in a row.

I'm on a beach with a group of people on my right looking out to sea. I can't see anyone's face but I know them and feel loved by them.

A white yacht sails across the bay, not going out to sea but across the water from right to left. I notice that the yacht's name is HORSE. I turn to the man beside me and ask why it's called HORSE. He takes my hand and laughs. He says 'Alison, you know why it's called HORSE' and everyone else smiles and laughs with him. They're not laughing at me though.

I believe that dreams are significant.  Yes, sometimes they're just a jumble of thoughts and events that your brain has processed in your waking hours. And sometimes it's cos you drank too much alcohol before going to bed!  But since I'm interested in developing my spiritual side further I've taken a closer look at this dream.  And with the benefit of hindsight many of the symbols in the dream are scarily accurate!

Small rowing boats suggest an emotional journey requiring a great deal of effort.  A yacht suggests the same journey but with style (yep that's me!)  The yacht in my dream is sailing across a bay.  It's not really going anywhere and I'm just watching it.  The sea is calm, representing a peaceful existence but we know that those under currents can sweep us away.

The yacht is called HORSE.  Horses in dreams represent the vitality present in the dreamer. A white horse (represented by the white yacht) describes the spiritual awareness of the dreamer. And interestingly in Chinese astrology I was born in the year of the horse.

The people in my dream are obviously known to me but I cannot see their faces clearly.  This doesn't worry me and the man taking my hand is reassuring me.

So what does it all mean?  The dream on its own has several meanings but the fact that I dreamed this dream 3 nights in a row make it deeply significant.  I truly believe my subconscious was telling me something that I wasn't yet aware of in my waking life.  The surface of my life seemed calm and ordered but I didn't want to see what was really happening underneath.  The people on the beach were my support network, holding my hand and telling me that I already had the strength/power/awareness within me to start my journey.

Timing is everything.  I had that dream 1 month before I had the courage to voice my worries and start the journey I now find myself taking.  So why am I telling you about it now?

Yesterday I had one of my aha moments.  Something that has been worrying me suddenly became unimportant.  And last night I dreamed that my white yacht sailed out of the bay.  Seriously.

Ali x

Ok. Dave, Tim and George you can stop laughing at my mumbo jumbo shit now!!!! And probably Clark too.............


Subversive Runner said...

Au contraire, Mrs B....I'm very interested in dream analysis but I'm not very good at it. I'm always adking Lee to analyse my dreams. :-)

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Very spooky.

My dreams are too whacky to warrant any analysis.


Anonymous said...

Happy sailing x

Karen R

Kenny said...

I remember reading a quote recently that seems apt for this post.

"Religion is for people who want to avoid going to Hell. Spirituality is for those who've been there"

Ours brains seem to do weird abut important stuff while we sleep. Hope you have many more pleasant dreams.

allybea said...

Oooh I like that quote Kenny!

Dave, I dread to think what's in your dreams!! I'll let you have a look at my dream dictionary on Sat.

Debs, even wacky dreams have bits of truth in them. And yeah it was v spooky dreaming about sailing out the bay!

Thanks Karen x

Loon Dod said...

Yup Mystical HORSE Shit, But each to there own.:)x

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has written a dreams book that would decipher my random bizarre dreams yet but i like the mystical shit. As my mother says, i shouldn't eat cheese near bedtime.
Karen d.X

Thomas said...

I understand if there is an object coming from the right it is a RETURN. Maybe a return from a place, adventure, hell, paradise or whatever. Or the return of a person.

But since it is YOUR dream YOU know what it means. You know that you know it, but you still do not know what it is... weird, sorry...
Good luck figuring it out ;-)

allybea said...

Hadn't thought of that Thomas. Are you interested in dream analysis too?

The fact that all the people are on my right as well feels significant.

I'm pretty sure the bay is Troon and the beach is Barassie looking out towards Arran. We lived in Troon and had a house on Arran. Maybe the return is to a place where I was happy for 14 years? Interesting! xxx

Kenny said...

I grew up in Troon and spent every hour and day I could sailing there. One word of warning is that if the boat is sailing from right to left at south beach [towards Prestwick) it had better watch out for the many reefs and rocks that lie hidden offshore and it's a long way to a safe harbour. If it's north beach there is only one big hidden danger there before you reach the safe harbour.
Sounds a bit literal I know, but perhaps there is a very very deep sub-message hidden in there as well!
Happy sailing


allybea said...

Kenny, never been on anything smaller than the Arran ferry so I'll defer to your expertise re sailing!

The right to left thing really feels important so I'm interested to know that there are hidden dangers. We spent many happy hours on north beach with children and dogs so I feel I know it well from a land lubbers viewpoint.

Thomas said...

Hi Ali, yes I spend some time dreaming myself! Even daytime :-)

But honestly I have been investigating dreams to a certain extend.
What springs to mind about your dream scenario is that it is a common topic for artists as well. In particular Caspar David Friedrich. For example this one:


His paintings are all composed and everything is arranged (sometimes even against nature, eg shadows pointing in different direction) but your dream certainly reminded me of that painting.

allybea said...

Wow Thomas, I hadn't heard of him before but I found a complete list of his paintings. I love them, they're so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me.

Did you mean Woman on the beach of Rugen with all the boats sailing to the right? I was drawn to that one and the Sea of Ice! And loads of others!!