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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh my goodness, where would I be without the support of my friends? I knew that some of my closest female friends would rally round and offer me a shoulder to cry on or a night of drinking wine and man bashing. But I have been truly touched by some of the messages and emails we've been sent.

One of my biggest fears was that as a non ultra runner I would lose touch with my WHW family. What a stoopid idea!! I have had some amazing messages of support and lots of reassurance that I will be not be forgotten. In fact I've already been bagsied for back up support for next year's race!

I'm going to write down all the fantastic texts, FB messages and emails so I can look at them from time to time. One piece of advice stood out so much I've made it my mantra and posted it under Wise Words. Every day I'm going to focus on the positive things. Thank you (you know who you are)

Today I experienced 2 positive things.

1. I installed our new wireless printer onto my netbook all by myself without any help from my inhouse IT expert (normally I would play dumb and let him do it)

2. I wore a short blouse over black treggings tucked into boots to a meeting and lots of people commented that I looked good (at last all the work I've been doing with my personal torturer is paying off). It was a great boost to my self confidence.

I'm focusing on one day at a time. Cliched I know but there's a reason phrases become a cliche! It's just so true.


Anonymous said...

Always remember,

"The future's bright"!! :-)

Murdo t M

John Kynaston said...

What a great idea.

I look forward to following you in your new adventure.

Glad you are you going to be around many ultra races in the future.