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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today would have been Isla's 14th birthday.  This is one of my favourite photos taken in 2006 when Lucy (black lab) was just a year old.  Isla was 8 when we decided to add to our canine family.  She was utterly disgusted with this wee black puppy who just wanted to snuggle up to her all the time.  It took ages for her to accept that she wasn't the only dog any more but she was absolutely the top dog.  They used to snuggle up together on the landing half way up the stairs.

It took me 10 years to persuade Ian to get a dog.  I grew up with dogs and was used them but he wasn't. He was adamant from the word go that she would be my dog and I would have to do everything.  Well that lasted about 2 days.  Apart from a terrible week where she had constant diarrhoea he was smitten with this absolute lunatic of a dog. They did everything together.

She barked at buses and motorbikes.  She couldn't be let off the lead as she never came back.  She didn't run away, she just didn't respond to commands.  Ian took her to training class. Once!  He was so embarrassed he never went back.  He tried to run with her but she kept wanting to go in the opposite direction (see previous comment re not responding to commands!) And she once caught a vole and wouldn't let go.  It had to be prised out her jaws and safely released. We dispaired of her ever calming down.  She was a real character.

But for all her faults she was a fabulous dog.  She was the friendliest dog in the world.  Her tail wagged constantly and her tongue hung out when she smiled. She adored children and when we brought No3 son home from the hospital she slept by his pram.  Even people who said they didn't like dogs liked Isla.

It broke our hearts earlier this year when we realised that the time had come to do the kindest thing. She was blind, her back legs were wobbly and she was terrified every time she went outside as we had redesigned her back garden.  She kept falling off the path and step. She was doing the toilet inside.

I stayed with her as she drifted off into sleep.  I told her she was the best dog in the world. And she was.  I keep her ashes where I see them.  I would like to scatter them somewhere special, probably Arran where we spent many happy holidays.  But for now I'll keep them close.

Happy birthday Isla x

PS Thanks for all your good wishes. Dr thinks it's probably nothing to worry about but she wants to see me again in 2 weeks and then decide if it needs further investigation. 


Davie said...

Listen to the Doc! They know best. they can usually tell when things are OK. When that's not the case they suddenly become urgent and caring, and will tell you they are going to refer. If they say we'll watch things, they usually mean it's ok but they will just watch to be sure.

I've had to watch Mairi through her diagnoses, first with Arthritis, through several joint replacements and then Hodgkins. Be assured of the support you will have. From the most, to the least likeliest people.
On the doggy side:
I'm almost at the stage where I will have to do my duty to our 12 year old German Shepherd although she is soldiering on well beyond expectations. Having done the decent thing to Max our 1st born GSD who died having been accidentaly poisoned aged 1 and a 1/2, Lachie, named after a Sgt who was known as Signal (the Tube with the stripes, and he(the dog)was nearly called Signal!)at age 14, you will see that nearly totals the 27 years of marriage we have somehow survived! I have watched each of them pass, painful though it was to do so. it's the least we can do for them.

Subversive Runner said...

Sorry I had to clip quick off the phone today. I was at a boxing gym waiting for someone to arrive.

Happy that the doc reckons it's probably OK.

Nothing wrong with a bit of continued breast fondling, however!!

Take good care, Ali.

Speak soon.