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Friday, October 8, 2010

The first 2 weeks

I can't believe that in 2 short weeks my life has been completely turned upside down.  The future I thought I had has completely vanished.  Someone suggested it was bit like a bereavement in that I am mourning the passing of the life I had and the future I had planned.

Somehow I got through it with the help of  friends.  I was given lots of advice, some of it useful and some not!  What does be kind to yourself mean anyway???  I tried to keep to as normal a routine as possible even though it felt surreal.  I couldn't eat for the first few days and survived on coffee.  But I'm a sensible gal and knew that I'd have get some kind of nutrition into me.  So Complan came to the rescue. I'm still not eating normally but I'm getting there.

Hands down best piece of advice I followed was don't get drunk. Alcohol doesn't solve anything.  I made myself a G&T a few times but actually couldn't face it.  And I'm glad I didn't.  It means that all the decisions I've made and all the things I've had to say were honest and not fuelled by dutch courage.

Last weekend I was at home with just my 2 boys.  I was supposed to be going to Inverness with a group of Harriers but I pulled out so it wouldn't be awkward for everyone else.  After all I wasn't running, just supporting.  This weekend however is going to be strange.  I'm not quite sure how we're going to get on.  We did have plans with very close friends but we've cancelled them.

So here's to a positive weekend which I'll deal with one bit at a time.  Hope your weekend is fab!


Subversive Runner said...

In that case I'm glad I've offered no advice (although God knows I have had enough experience of relationship breakdowns!!).

My advice would have been GET drunk!!!xxx

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

On the plus side, I bet you're not watching the football tonight!!

I would been sparkled for the last two weeks, but agree it's probably not the best idea.


Anonymous said...

Ali, you're a fabulous lady who will find her way through her new life one step at a time ... with the help of both your families.