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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty in pink

I put on my new pretty pink trail shoes this morning and went out a run.  It was my first run in about 3 or 4 months.  My aim was just to run/walk for about about 25 minutes just to see how I felt.  I felt great.  In fact I managed to run most of the way.  My plan was to run across the moor, down the road to the fish farm, along the wee road towards Gleneagles for a bit and then back round.  But a hard frost made the tarmac road really slippery so I just ran across the fields instead. It was fantastic! And so far nothing is sore so it's all good.

Swimming isn't going as well as I'd hoped by now.  I've developed a new habit of inhaling water up my nose every time I turn my head to breath.  I had to keep stopping to cough it back up!  Not even my new trisuit and goggles made me feel better (think I should get a medal just for being able to get into the damned suit!!) but everyone keeps assuring me it will all just click into place.  I hope it happens sooner rather than later!!

And I've ordered my bike!  Huge thanks to Clark for his research on my behalf.  The man is a saint for putting up with my endless daft questions.  In the end I went for a Giant Defy 4.  The nice man at Wiggle phoned me on Friday to say it's being built and will be sent out this week hopefully.  Huge thanks to my lovely mum for my belated Christmas present :-)

So, a whole post on tri training.  Hmm, need to think of a frivolous topic for my next post.  I've got a funny feeling I just might have some material ;-)


Kaz said...

God, I LOVE those pink asics trail shoes! May just have to get myself some of those! Great job on the run, Ali. I'm sure the swimming will click - it is often the way with techniques that you feel like you're going backwards before moving forwards. Loving the Tri suit too - Look like a pro! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Phew - different trail shoes I think from the ones I want to get - maybe I'm safe to order now! Can you wear your new shoes & tri suit to your next PT session - I'd love to see the look on PT Boy's face!! ;-). Ax

allybea said...

Kaz, looking like a pro def does NOT mean I am a pro!!!

Amanda, Clark would just pee himself laughing if I turned up like that! Not good for my self confidence atm!!!

Anne Marie said...

Those shoes are great allybea. You will love your bike when you get it. Enjoy it.

You've even got me having brought my road bike from the very back of the garage to now half way down - needs tyres pumping up and a look over! It's I think what they call "old skool" now, from the 70s but it did some good performances though.

Good luck with the training.