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Monday, February 14, 2011

First Cycle

I love cycling!  I love my Delilah! But I don’t love having sore lady bits!!! Ouchy........ ;-)

As you can see from the photos I wasn’t wearing proper cycling gear. You’ll be pleased to note that a pair of super duper padded cycling shorts are currently winging their way towards Perthshire (I love wiggle.com!)   My plan was just to have a bit of a meander round Stirling Uni campus to get the hang of being back on 2 wheels after a rather long time.  But after 10 minutes I seemed to have remembered what to do so we went round the campus a couple of times and even went on the main road a wee bit.  We ended up cycling for about an hour and a half.  Hence the ouchy bits!

Starting and stopping is a bit of a problem (LOL!!) but I got the hang of changing gears and even managed up a few hills without stopping. And jeez, getting passed by cars and buses is very scary!!!

My legs are covered in scratches and bruises from the pedals, from the chain, from lifting Delilah into my car.  Not very sexy when I'm trying to look like a girl in a dress and Jimmy Choos but I'm loving every minute of it. Tim left me a comment on FB that said 'You're a triathlete now' which made me cry. But I'm starting to think of myself as a triathlete.  And I like it! :-) xxx


Davie Bell said...

many hours in the saddle = no ouchy bits :-)getting passed by cars and buses? must be because your a woman they usually hit me!


Davie said...

Cry? Tears? TTFU

allybea said...

Happy tears BDTP, happy tears!!!!

Davie, getting hit by a car is a really big fear. They pass by too fucking close for comfort!!!

Jane said...

Big, massive respect Ali - I'd love to do more cycling, but I'm much too frightened of the big scary buses and lorries! Good for you for taking them on! x

allybea said...

Jane, if I can do it anyone can!!! My tip would be don't go out on your own. Go with someone who will do all the hand signalling and generally be your body guard ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're out there doing it!

Couldn't help noticing that your saddle looks a bit low - not efficient and could give you knee problems.

Don't be scaring of the traffic. You will be safer if you ride like you belong on the road - claim your bit of the road, don't ride in the gutter.


Best of luck.

allybea said...

Yep, seat still not right but I'll get there.

Traffic terrifies me. As a teenager I had a friend killed while out on his bike so I'm probably more cautious than most folks.

Clodhopper said...

As Dave says Ali, don't be tempted to ride too close to the gutter or traffic will try to squeeze past you. You need to be a good half to one meter out from the kerb depending on potholes. That way traffic has to overtake as they would a car by moving out when there is no oncoming traffic. You'll get used to it.

Campfire said...

Yes, I noticed the low saddle. One way of checking properly is to have a friend to hold you up whilst sitting on the bike, then find a position where you can put your heel on the pedal and the leg should be fairly straight. That's the right position, as when you put the ball of the foot on, it will be right. You can get bad knee pain through too low a saddle. but don't to too much the other way at the same time.