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I'm a 45 year old mother of 3 boys. I live in a beautiful old house that needs a lot of TLC with my youngest son and 2 dogs. I am working hard at keeping myself healthy and fit by working out and doing a spot of running. I'm a creative person and am passionate about keeping traditional skills alive. I cook, knit, bake, garden, preserve, read, write and am now learning to spin and quilt. Oh and I sometimes swear.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More running!

Blimey, second running report in 2 days.  Maybe I'm taking this seriously after all!  I can't even moan and say that Clark dragged me out.  I was the one texting him last night asking excitedly where we were going!  We ran up the wee road from the A9 at Greenloaning towards Sherrifmuir.  It's a nasty hilly road!!

Halfway point at the cattle grid, I look knackered!

I have to say Clark is very encouraging.  Whenever I start to flag he shouts stuff like "Mush!" or "Wait!" or "Here!"  I'm never quite sure if he's talking to his dog or me!!  And as for that whistle..........

Just a few more yards to go!

Total time 59 mins 48 secs, not quite 5 miles but I'm rounding it up and counting it as 5!  Wee bit of walking on the way up but ran all the way down.  Slow miles like Fi says but miles nonetheless.  Rather chuffed with myself even though I can hardly move tonight.  And not quite the bliss Bob talks about but this training malarky is actually enjoyable :-)


John Kynaston said...

Well done Ali!

Glad you are enjoying your running!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Wine always helps with the DOMS. Well done, honey. You're doing great xx

allybea said...

Nope the wine didn't help. Got up this morning just as sore plus a headache!

Thanks for the encouragement guys. I think I'm going to need lots of it!!

phil said...

Nice one Alison.