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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Harriers jogging back down the hill

I was brave and did the club session this morning giving me a hatrick of runs for the week.  I nearly turned back to the car when they set off up the hill to get to the hill they were training on! It was billed as a hill speed session but I ignored the speed bit and did my own version of the reps.  They ran for 2 minutes up the hill and jogged back down while I ran for 1 minute, walked for 1 minute and jogged back.  We did that 8 times and I didn't die.

View down to golf club

It was a cracking Spring morning with clear (ish) blue skies.  It was just lovely to be out and to be in good company.  We started off with 11 runners and a dog but by the time we jogged back down to the cars only 7 remained.  I'm extremely chuffed I managed a proper club session (sort of!)

Last night's meal - spag bol!

Yeah, I know it's pasta!! Lol! First pasta I've eaten in months and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think all this running has affected my brain ;-)


Jane said...

Fantastic stuff Ali. I used to hate the hill sessions when I trained with Central - but I was always chuffed to bits when I managed to complete them. Keep up the good work! x

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Nice work, Missus. And a lovely dinner too xx