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Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 weeks to go!

Last night it hit me that it's now only 12 weeks until my triathlon! Everything I've read suggests that 12 is the magic number of weeks that a beginner needs to train and successfully complete a triathlon.  Well, that's the theory.  Putting it into practice is another matter.  My head is spinning trying to figure out how to fit in the recommended 6 to10 sessions a week AND still have rest days.  Obviously that means 2 sessions in one day but how can I fit that into an already jam packed life?  Other people seem to manage so I know it can be done.

So bearing in mind that I have to seriously up my game and 'encouraged' by Bob this morning, I went for a run in the snow while it was actually snowing with No3 son (Gordy) and Lucydog.  This is not something I would ever have considered doing before.  I'm a fairweather runner by nature!  But I have to grudgingly admit it was fun (although having a bacon butty before a run is not a good idea!!)

As usual the run back up the hill was tough (see above!) but Gordy is a brilliant coach in the making.  He shouts stuff like "Come on Mum, you can do it!" and "You're nearly there, the last bit is the hardest!" He's nearly 13 but so far is happy to run with his mum.  I know that will change but for now he's happy to stick to my (slow) pace and run ahead then sprint back to me.  Fortunately he has inherited his dad's running talent and not mine!

This picture is us at the end (note our matching Strathearn Harriers hats!) I'm exhausted but he's fresh as a daisy.  And look at his smile!


Fiona Rennie said...

A picture tells more than a thousand words. But here’s a handful, I see a lady with steely determination to see through what she has planned and a lad proud of his Mum.

WHW Runner said...

Well done, looks like your training is going really well. Good to see you taking on that hill. And where was Lucy when the photos were being taken? :-)

allybea said...

Aww thanks Fi. Dunno where this determination has come from but it's there.

Lucy is in the pic with Gordon. That black streak on the bottom left is her! Lol!!