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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mmm, peas!

I've got a bloody running injury!!! Right knee was a wee bit sore after Saturday's run and Sunday's swim.  Yesterday was a rest day but nothing hurt and I didn't even mention to Clark this morning that it had been sore.

We did a trail run this morning which involved running up some hills then walking or jogging back down them only to turn round and run back up them.  I'm rather pleased that I was able to run up them all!  And I only felt sick, didn't actually barf (although it was a close thing!!)

So it's out with the frozen peas and sitting on the bed with them on my sore puffy knee.  Maybe it means I'm a real runner now!


Target said...

Since Saturday........!!!! You should have said, I'd have gone easy today. Better a few days rest than months off!

allybea said...

I promise it wasn't sore before or during. It was only later on it felt a bit sore. Don't worry I am soooo sensible when it comes to niggles and sore bits. I know too many daft runners who run through injuries and make them worse!!!

Rest day tomorrow, I promise :-)

Anonymous said...

"Rest day tomorrow, I promise :-)"

This sounds like the kind of thing that Real Hard Runners say; but never actually get round to doing!!

Murdo t M

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I had sympathy when I saw the peas...then I saw the tights and burst out laughing :-) xx

Clodhopper said...

Did you run in those tights Ali? Most of us use ronhills and suchlike :-)
As you know I know how frustrating it is. It's most likely a niggle rather than anything too bad and you will get niggles it goes with the sport. Just ease off for a few days then carry on.

allybea said...

Couldn't be bothered undressing to apply the peas!!!

Def a niggle but not painful today. Not running again until the weekend so should be ok. Core session and swim tomorrow with maybe a cycle on Friday.