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I'm a 45 year old mother of 3 boys. I live in a beautiful old house that needs a lot of TLC with my youngest son and 2 dogs. I am working hard at keeping myself healthy and fit by working out and doing a spot of running. I'm a creative person and am passionate about keeping traditional skills alive. I cook, knit, bake, garden, preserve, read, write and am now learning to spin and quilt. Oh and I sometimes swear.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another busy week!

Oh wow! What a week!! On Monday I had  to give in and go to the doctor.  For the first time in about 20 years I needed antibiotics as I have a nasty chest infection.  So that's now 2 weeks without any training.  Yikes!!  Everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine but it's now only 9 weeks until tri day!!!!!  I tried to go for a power walk yesterday but barely lasted a mile and came back breathless and wheezing.  Getting a bit pissed off with it now.

In other news, No1 son moved out on Wednesday.  It turned out to be relatively painfree.  For him!  Luckily my lovely mum came up to help me get him packed up.  A man with a big lorry turned up and he was moved out of here and into his wee flat in Crieff by lunchtime.  He loves it.  And No3 son loves it too as there is a wee second bedroom just for him!

The weekend brought the MacPirate engagement party.  Two very special people in my life got engaged on Christmas Day and had a bit of a do in Tyndrum last night to celebrate. I tried really hard to keep up with them but both nights I ended up in bed hours before everyone else.  Either I'm too old to party ALL weekend or I'm out of practice!

But it was a fab weekend, catching up with old friends, putting faces to names and making new friends.  It was lovely to see you all.

To Lee and Dave - wishing you all the love and happiness you both deserve

Ali xxx

PS What do you think Dave is saying to Lee?????


Subversive Runner said...

I think he's saying something like: 'Nice corset....fancy a game of gin rummy later?'xxx

Davie said...

I'm glad I brought my stepladder!

Campfire said...

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