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I'm a 45 year old mother of 3 boys. I live in a beautiful old house that needs a lot of TLC with my youngest son and 2 dogs. I am working hard at keeping myself healthy and fit by working out and doing a spot of running. I'm a creative person and am passionate about keeping traditional skills alive. I cook, knit, bake, garden, preserve, read, write and am now learning to spin and quilt. Oh and I sometimes swear.....

Monday, April 11, 2011


The epitaph on the above grave stone reads "Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite" which is Irish for "I told you I was ill." It can be found in the grounds of St Thomas, Winchelsea, East Sussex and is the resting place of comedy genius Spike Milligan.

For a month now I've been moaning, whinging and complaining that I was ill.  Today I found out that I've got whooping cough.  A classic case apparently.  So my apologies to anyone I've hugged, snogged or shared a bedroom with in the last month as it's fairly contagious in the first few weeks.

Training seriously is off the agenda.  I'm supposed to rest (and take the drugs!) in order to recover fully which could take 3 months.  I can do gentle exercise but not to get breathless.  It's less than 8 weeks to the tri but if I'm not fit to take part I won't.  I learned that lesson doing the NYC marathon!  There are loads of other events I can take part in.

I've got loads of other stuff on my plate right now so need to concentrate on some of those.  I'm also forcing myself to sit down and watch TV while knitting.  Doesn't quite give me the same buzz but better to live and fight another day.


Peter Duggan said...

Stuff the tri and just get better!


Davie said...

Good advice from Pete! But remember not to continue eating like an athlete in training or you will end up like me. And don't drink too much Guiness, like me!

Jane said...

Hear, hear - sod the tri. Getting better is far more important. Heed the advice I know you've given to hunners of runners over the years Ali and give yourself time to get well again. x

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

There's a list of people you hugged, snogged and shared a bedroom with?? Nice work. Hope you feel better soon xx

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